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We are a professional manufacturer of manual coffee grinders.

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Excellent quality, high quality products, exquisite technology, extraordinary achievements,through continuous research and innovation, to create a new generation of “coffee grinder”.

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Four core advantages, outstanding strength is not afraid of challenges.
420 stainless steel grinding core, double bearing fixed, extended handle, point adjustment

One-piece cast space aluminum body
The mill body is lightweight, thanks to the aerospace aluminum material, non-slip surface design and anti-fingerprint coating, making it easier for users to grip.

420 stainless steel burr-58~65HRC
The 420 stainless steel 5-axis burr grinder is manufactured with CNC technology to achieve a hardness of 58-65 HRC. beans pass through the burr to get a uniform and coarse ground coffee.

Point-to-point coarse and fine adjustment
Coffee coarseness adjustment becomes easy and the user gets the correct coarseness. Coffee ground in this mode can be used in moka pots, irrigators, siphons, French presses, etc.

Fixed center shaft with double bearings
The center shaft is fixed by double bearings, which ensures stable rotation during grinding and even and fine ground coffee.

Ergonomic metal swing handle design
The ergonomic swing handle shape places the user’s hand and the handle on the same level. Considering the low strength, the metal handle becomes longer.

Anti-static coffee canister
The maximum capacity of the coffee canister is 25 grams and the inside of the canister is treated with anti-static.

Easy to disassemble and clean
You can remove the entire mill and clean the rest of the coffee grounds completely.

CSAW Professional At

The most advanced manual coffee grinder

10 years of experience in R&D and innovation

Csaw is the leader in manual coffee grinders, we have the most advanced technology and the best R&D team, focusing on the high-end market of manual coffee grinders.

Founded in 2018, Csaw is a manufacturer that integrates research, development and innovation into our coffee makers, which can be divided into internal gears and external gears to adjust the coarseness of coffee powder. Through continuous innovation, we bring high-end design, premium quality, and excellent functionality all rolled into one for our customers worldwide. We have our own R&D and design team and stable production department.

CSAW Professional At

As a CSAW customer, you will enjoy the many advantages of dealing directly with a professional manufacturer


Each product texture, shine, brightness, curve, shape, etc. are the top design.


Powerful productivity provides a steady supply 24/7 for your wholesale or retail business.

Quality workmanship and high productivity

Manufacturers with over 10 years of experience ensure well-made packaging for your project.

Why Choose CSAW

Competitive Pricing

Due to our in-house manufacturing, we will have a lower price than the competition with best quality products.

Strict Quality Control

All produced items are inspected by our quality control department before shipped out.

Extended Warranty

We guarantee the quality and stand behind our products with 24-months warranty.

24/7 Customer Service

Our project managers and after-sale staff will help you command and control the manufacturing and standby your calls or email.

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